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Water-Cooled Process Chillers:  As the name indicates, a water-cooled process chiller will reject process heat to another fluid
based medium. In most cases, heat rejection by water-cooled process chiller will go to an outdoor located evaporative cooling tower.

Legacy's model PZW water-cooled chiller system is available from 1 to 120 HP. These systems are very compact and light. Keep in
mind that ALL water-cooled condenser process chillers require a way to reject their heat normally to another water sourse such as
a cooling tower.

Available from 1 to 20 tons, the PZWT's unique dual loop (re-circulatory) flow technology, these chillers are ideal for mission critical applications that require very stable approach temperatures within a 24/7/365 service environment. The PZWT product line is also available with Legacy's Patented Economizer Technology capable of reducing energy usage (depending on operating environment) up to 60%. The PZWT system has been designed from the ground up to be the industry's premier process chiller in its capacity class.


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Note:  Water-Cooled Process Chiller Capacities based on
ARI Standard 45ºF LWT and 105ºF Condensing Temp.
Standard Features:
• ETL listed to UL1995 & CAN/CSA C22.2   
   No. 236-11, 4th edition, 10/14/2011
• Single Point Power Connection
• Idec microprocessor controller with easy to       
   use touch screen display
• STAINLESS STEEL, brazed plate evaporator
• Scroll compressor with crankcase heater
• Suction Accumulator
• Water flow switch
• Hot Gas Bypass Capacity Control
• 24V control transformer
• Control circuit fusing
• Condenser(s): Coaxial up to PZW22D
• Condenser(s): Shell and Tube PZW26D through PZW52D
• Compressor motor contactor
• Painted - Powder Coated (Most Models),   
   galvanized sheet metal cabinet
• 1/2” insulation on all water and refrigerant lines
• Liquid line drier, sight glass, solenoid, TXV
• Complete refrigerant charge from factory
Extended warranty:  See your quote or latest IOM booket
Tank Models Only:
• STAINLESS STEEL storage tank with 1/2 inch insulation
• Fused, STAINLESS STEEL re-circulation pump for tank
   operation with ball valve and cleanable strainer
• Tank pressure relief valve, vent and drain hose bibs
• Remote Idec touchscreen control panel
• Industrial VPN Router
• 5 Port Ethernet Switch
• BacNet Gateway
• Process Pump VFD Controller
• 4 year extended compressor warranty
• Casters (factory mounted)
• Condenser water regulating valve
• 115 volt (rain tight) service outlet
• Non Fused Disconnect
• Phase Monitor, line voltage monitor offering protection
   against phase loss/reversal, unbalance and hi/lo voltage
• Compressor fusing
• Compressor Sound Cover
• Factory installed evaporator heat tape freeze protection
• Low flow by-pass valve
• Fused, STAINLESS STEEL process pump
• Dual system pump with manual changeover (some models)
• Dual system pump with auto changeover (some models)
• Pump suction isolation valve
• Water pressure gauge set
• Water Flow Meter
• Auto city water changeover panel with filter
• Stainless steel, SCH80 PVC or Polypropylene piping for
  deionized and reverse osmosis water systems
• Storage tank sight glass (Tank models only)
• Tank low liquid level indicator with dry contacts
  (Tank models only)