Standard Features:
ETL listed
• Remote Condenser Coil
• Microprocessor controller with touchscreen HMI
• STAINLESS STEEL, brazed plate evaporator with 1/2 inch         insulation and secured in a steel bracket [1]
• Scroll compressor with crankcase heater
• Suction accumulator [1]
• Water flow switch
• Hot gas by-pass capacity control [1]
• 24V control transformer
• Direct drive condenser fan motor
• Rust resistant, high CFM, aluminum
  condenser fan blade

• Condenser(s): copper tube/aluminum fin
• Compressor motor contactor
• Condenser motor and control circuit fusing
• Painted, galvanized sheet metal cabinet
• 1/2 inch insulation on all water and refrigerant lines
• Liquid line drier, sightglass, solenoid, TEV
• Complete refrigerant charge from factory 407C standard [1]
Extended warranty:  See your quote or latest IOM booket

[1] denotes optional items on most competing brands.
Available Options:
• 4 year extended compressor warranty
• Casters (factory mounted)
• 115 volt (rain tight) service outlet
• Fused disconnect
• Non-fused disconnect
• Phase monitor
• Compressor fusing
• Fan cycle control
• Flooded condenser with receiver/head pressure control (-20 °F)
• Heated, flooded condenser with receiver/head pressure control (-20 °F)
• Factory installed evaporator heat tape freeze protection
  thermostatically controlled

• Water pressure gauge set
• Fused, STAINLESS STEEL system process pump
• Pump suction isolation valve
• Dual system pump with HMI programable changeover
• Low flow by-pass valve system pump required
• "Gold" finned condenser coil (coastal protection)
• "Copper" finned condenser coil (coastal protection)
• Heresite-coated condenser coil (coastal protection)
• Water flow meter
• Auto city water make up solenoid
Note: Air-Cooled Process Chiller Capacities based on
ARI Standard 45ºF LWT and 95ºF AMB.

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Legacy's (PSA) Semi-Hermetic Process Chiller Systems are ideal for larger industrial cooling applications. This air-cooled chiller is available from 1 to 120 HP.  Note: All package systems are also available in split condenser configurations.

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