Thank you for choosing Legacy Chillers for your
Mission Critical Cooling needs. If you are in the process of performing installation or startup of your new Legacy equipment, you must activate your equipments warranty first. Warranty activation is a two step process that only takes a few minutes. The first step is to complete and "Submit" the on-line startup form. The second step
is to perform a one-time activation of your chillers
micro-processor controller so your chiller will start.
Within a few minutes of submitting the information below, our system will email detailed instruction to you on how perform the one-time warranty activation. If you have any problems with the activation
process, you can contact
Legacy's customer support
department TOLL-FREE at

For More Information... Call Us Toll-Free at:  877-988-5464. 

Warranty Activation
Customer Care
At Legacy Chillers, Inc. we stand firmly behind our products and our customers. If you need help or
have any questions, please don't hesitate to
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Our standard business hours at Legacy are Monday
through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM EST excluding holidays. Voice mail is available after business hours.
Legacy's customer support department TOLL-FREE at

Legacy Chillers, Inc.
851 Tech Drive
Telford, PA 18969

To ensure prompt service, please have the product
Model Number and Serial Number available when contacting Legacy Chillers. Model and Serial Numbers
can be found on the white label on the outside of the electrical enclosure door of the unit..
Chiller System Design Software
Legacy's SystemSyzer Chiller System Design Software is ideal for Process Engineers, Contractors and End Users who need fast process chiller related calculations. 
Highlights of SystemSyzer Capabilities:
1. Performs computations on up to three
    chiller process loads.
2. Calculates process branch loads in BTUH, KWH
    and Tons of refrigeration.
3. Provides automatic glycol thermal load and
    pressure drop adjustments.
4. Calculates both header and branch pipe sizes.
5. Recommends chiller system pump flow and
    pressure requirements.
6. Create out put report for chiller quote. 
To request your FREE copy of SystemSyzer: 
Click Here, complete your information and check the SystemSyzer box. Once your form is submitted you will receive a copy of SystemSyzer to your email in about
30 minutes. Or if you wish, you can email your request
Chiller Energy Audit Tool
Legacy's Chiller Energy Audit
Software is ideal for Chiller
Process Engineers, Leed
Consulting Engineers, HVAC
Contractors and End Users
looking to determine a process chiller's annualized energy consumption. In addition this tool performs chiller economizer return on investment (ROI) calculations. 
Highlights of Chiller Energy Audit Tool:
1. Performs energy usage computations on up to ten
    chiller system of any brand or size.
2. Allows for input of energy savings technologies
    on up to ten system.
3. Calculated overall ROI on all system as well as each
    individual chiller system.
4. Provides carbon footprint calculates with comparatives.
5. Allows user to input local weather data for hyper
    accurate calculations. 
Program Requirements:  The Chiller Energy Audit Tool is based on MS EXCEL v 2003 so it runs on most machines with MS OFFICE version 2003 or latter. Software should also run on most Apple machines as well.  If you network administrator will not allow XL files to run with Micro's enabled some of the functions in this program may not run. Original files from Legacy servers are 100% virus free. 
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4 Year Extended Compressor Warranty.
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