Legacy's model RRT (polyethylene) and RST (stainless steel) outdoor rated external tank / pump packages range in capacity from 30 to 600 U.S. gallons. Custom up to 1200 U.S. gallons.  These systems are ideal for use with Legacy's PZA and PZW package process chillers as well as a varity of custom applications that require additional system fluid volume.


Shown with
panels removed.
Standard Features:
• 11 Ga. 304 STAINLESS STEEL tank - All RRT Models
• 3/4 inch tank and fluid piping insulation
• Copper fluid piping
• Tank vent and drain connections on pressure rated "SS" models only
• Tank pressure relief valve on pressure rated "SS" models only.
• Fused evaporator fluid re-circulating STAINLESS STEEL pump
• Fluid pump discharge ball valve and cleanable "Y" strainer
• Control box with pump terminal block
• Painted, galvanized steel sheet metal cabinet

Available Options:
• Fused, STAINLESS STEEL process pump
• Dual system pump with auto changeover
• Tank fluid sight glass
• Tank liquid level indicator with dry contacts
• Low flow by-pass valve
• Auto city water make up solenoid
• Special piping for de-ionized and reverse osmosis
   water systems

• 1 inch tank and piping insulation in lieu of 3/4 inch
• Seal-tight electrical connections

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Legacy - 600 Gallon (Polyethylene) Model: RRT600H
Tank & Pump Package - Dual Vertical 10 HP Process Pumps with VFD Controller
(shown with side panels removed and before piping insulation was added)
Side view showing
VFD Controller location
inside cabinet
Side view showing
Dual Vertical 10 HP 
Process Pumps
Legacy - Custom Model: RST600FSS
(600 Gallon Insulated Stainless Steel Tank)
with Dual
Auto Switch-Over
VFD Controlled
Shown at right:
Dual Auto Switch-Over
VFD Controlled Pumps (Before insulation was added)
Door panels
to show inside.
VFD Controllers
shown at
top right