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• Energy efficient control pumps
  and compressors

• Precise control of pressure
  and flow

• Ensures maximum economy
  and low running cost

• Standard interface with
  Legacy software - this option
  can be added at anytime with
  hardware install

Standard Features

Ultra bright 5.7 inch Color LCD OI Touch Screen with  
  auto screen saver
• 15 Control Screens with built-in help features.
• Real-time Pressure and Temperature readings
• Real-Time SuperHeat, Subcooling, Chiller Supply and Chiller
  Return temperature graphical trending

• Automatic COMPRESSOR Lag/Lead with FIVE operational modes
• Automatic SYSTEM PUMP Lag/Lead with FIVE operational modes.
• Control up to two system pumps
• Manual and auto system pump control from HMI home screen
• Factory configured for ALL Legacy available chiller options.
• Control operates to a +/- 1°F accuracy
• Powered from the chiller 24 volt control circuit.
   No high voltage interference.

• Operates and displays in °F
• Controls cooling on inlet or outlet temperature
• Monitors and logs compressor/pump run hours
• USB update slot for IN-PLACE HMI and PLC software updates
   available from legacychillers.com website.

• CE, UL Listed
• Built in Web Server via HMI
• SD slot for optional data storage on HMI
• Highly accurate and fast performance
• Embedded Ethernet Port
• Preprogramed remote start/stop set up for customers
  dry contact connection.

Pentra PLC outputs control IDEC's RV1H pilot relays
   rated to 6 amps.
• The RV1H relays are plugin and 100% field replaceable.
• Pentra PLC/HMI have been load stress tested to an ambient
  temperature range of -10F to 120F.

• HMI provides onboard help with troubleshooting tips. Using
  QR codes (shown) on screen, users can access detailed
  troubleshooting tips and video's via Legacy's dedicated web server.

Important Note:

Other chiller manufacturers use board-mounted
relays... when they go bad, the entire circuit board must
be replaced resulting in longer chiller downtime.
Legacy Chillers use "Plugin" Control Relays for quick easy replacement with much less downtime and cost! 

The Legacy Touch-Screen User Interface
with Pentra Microsmart,
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
Standard on ALL Models!

Legacy Chillers Touch-Screen User Interface Examples 

Available Options... 

VPN Secure Remote Connectivity

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is used to connect a process chillers remotely over a secure network connection.
A VPN can be use to remotely connect a chiller via an Intranet or Internet connection. VPN typically does not require a firewall configuration.

- Wired or wireless versions
- Ewon comes with NO monthly
   licence fees 


• Industrial grade umanaged
  network switching

• Connection Allows
  Interface with:
- Ensures maximum economy
  and low running cost

• Standard interface with
  Legacy software - this option
  can be added at anytime with
  hardware install.

BACnet Gateway and Router

The Babel Buster BB@ is a BACnet gateway and router. It may be used as either or both, in various ways for different applications In its simplest form as a router, it will route MS/TP network to a single BACnet IP network. It may be use as a router to interconnect multiple BACnet MS/TP via IP networks. It may even be used to traverse NAT routers on a WAN connection to connect distant buildings via Internet.

Compressor Operation Status
and Pressures
Chiller Main Operation Screen
Chiller Alarm Status
Screen 1
Remote Idec Touchscreen
Control Panel
Have Complete Control of your Legacy Chiller from Anywhere in Your Facility.  
Control Your Legacy Chiller from Any Computer on Your Network.